Stephanie Petet

I am interested in the depiction of abstracted landscapes/spaces that are driven by synthetic color palettes and rhythmic arrangements of mark. Initially the environments are naturally derived and then become abstracted through the influence of memory in relation to other prior paintings and source material. Memory can be used literally and/or metaphorically such as, this landscape reminds me a storm that I experienced being in as a child, or metaphorically; I associate this form with a school of fish, storm cloud, or spinning sensation.

I want the viewer to experience space that evokes sensations of tension, movement, and dense or sparse weight. Such sensations are indicative of motion and vibration of energy, while areas of clustering and density juxtaposed with spaces of sparsity build the experience of the physical and psychological space depicted. Varying areas of focus also carry the emotional energy as well as contradictory nonconventional readings of space.

Expressive synthetic color in conjunction with landscape takes our environment out of its context and elevates it to a wavelength that the contemporary world functions within. Intense color balanced by a range of neutrals creates an internal energy while the mark implies a world beyond the frame. The painting process as well as viewing each piece yields a broad possibility of emotional response creating places that lie between conventional landscape and abstract realities.